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April 2011

Harper Government


Now with the promise of warrantless wiretapping of Internet traffic [link] brought to you by the architects of the groundless Charter-violating mass-arrests at the G20. Feel free to use and redistr...


Photographers' Flea-Market? Hells, Yes!

I just got back from a photographers' flea market in the wilds of suburbia where people have basements and garages to fill with stuff they never use and later sell at flea markets.

The score of the day? M42-mount Tonika f5.5 300 mm lens for.... $10!! I was looking at one of these on eBay a few months ago for an order of magnitude more money.

There is Power in Art

The Tyee – Artists Wage 2.0 Attacks on Harper

Toronto composer John Roby's wickedly funny song "Steve, It's Time to Leave" circulating online is as good an illustration as I've ever seen for why liberal democracies fund the arts.

Dear Calgary,

We'll be happy to send spring along just as soon as we are done with it.

Yours truly,

The cherry trees of Vancouver