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Photographers' Flea-Market? Hells, Yes!

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I just got back from a photographers' flea market in the wilds of suburbia where people have basements and garages to fill with stuff they never use and later sell at flea markets.

The score of the day? M42-mount Tonika f5.5 300 mm lens for.... $10!! I was looking at one of these on eBay a few months ago for an order of magnitude more money.

So why am I excited about this?

Here is the view from my living room with the lens that I usually shoot with when I am doing photo-booth in the club (12-60mm zoom, at 12mm - which is where it is usually at in the small space of the photo-areas), note the corner on the far side of the cross-street where, if you look hard just above and to the right of the yellow car, you can see a couple dark-blue dots that are two people standing on the corner in front of the Starbucks:

And here are those same two dark-blue dots with my "new" lens:

Now say "candid street photography."

And, again, $10!!

Ten measly dollars!

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