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July 2005

Out in the Morning Light

The street where I live.

I was up early this morning to catch the light while it was still coming from the east to experiment with the neutral density filters I bought the other day. A neutral density filter is like sunglasses for your camera. They cut down the amount of light getting through without affecting colour, allowing - as you see here - longer exposures in bright light. These shots, and some others I will put in a separate post later, are basically tests for some "wilderness" shots (which I'll probably do at Lynn Creek or somewhere else in North Van) I need to shoot for a client next week.

Behind the cut you'll find a more-or-less 1:1 comparison with and without the filters:

TTL-BlitzKabel für BlitzSchuh

A new bit of gear I won on eBay arrived today, just in time for the Red Chair shoot:

It's a cable that allows me to use the flash up to five feet away from the camera. This gives me all sorts of improved lighting possibilities.

Of course the cats were conscripted as test subjects:


We are not amused.

Stereo #17 - An Evening at the Opera

My first attempt at creating an animation from splitting a red-green composite image rather than working from two separate stereo images.

Bush vs. Dalai Lama

I saw this and I thought, "what could these men be talking about?"


O.K., my back is officially messed up. I bailed on work and I am now lying on my venerable, old, black couch with one leg propped up on the back. Hooray for the Blackberry, since the whole reason for coming home is that I am incapable of sitting in front of a computer right now. Walking helps, too. So maybe after a couple hours of convolescence I'll grab my camera and head out to see what I can see.

I probably could have suffered through the day at work, but soon I won't have the luxury of sick-days and I really don't want a messed up back messing up this weekend.

I Would Have Been Better off Staying Up

In hindsight I should have gone out to Shift and taken some pictures or something other than the pathetic attempt at sleep last night amounted to. At least then I would have something to show for this exhaustion and probably wouldn't have the sore back I am contending with today.