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February 2005

Pathological Humour

I came across these:

And the necessity to make this called out to me:


The federal government today announced a substantial increace in military spending over the next five years. I wonder if waiting for this budget has anything to do with the delay in hearing back about the job I applied for with the DND? It's been four weeks now since the posting closed and I haven't heard anything back one way or the other.

For Bitogoth

*Do not open with any sort of beverage in your mouth.

You know, he has a point.

"I'll tell you why I'll never marry you, Lana, or you, Lois! Who wants a wife so stupid she doesn't realize I'm Superman when I take off my Clark Kent glasses?"

It makes me so mad I could just

Hey, Daevina

Take a look at this, if you haven't seen it already. It's a "Carnivàle" on-line tarot reading.

Oringinal post:

Face Transformer


Elaine and I were out for a little while today and I did a little experimenting with the new toy. These were the best two images from the day:

A Tractor to Attract Her

Even in the down on the farm in the "Dirty Thirties" it took a sweet ride to get all the