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July 2004

The Changeling
Category X - The

Witty, amusing and a bit weird, you're welcomed
into most social groups, even though you don't
'fit in' perfectly .

What Type of Social Entity are You?

B.C. touts privacy shield that offers protection from U.S. Patriot Act


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Doof-Doof-Doof

Oh, yay. We have some damned ravers upstairs. What, may I ask, is peaceful or respectful about subjecting your neighbours to hours of doof-doof-doof? It doesn't do anything close to fostering feelings of love and unity to those that don't want to hear it. What's respectful about ignoring common courtesy? If you want to listen to dance music at a volume that reverberates in neighbouring apartments, go to a club - it's not like there is a shortage of places that play that shit - or put some damned headphones on and keep it to yourself.

Now, before you say, "Oh, he's a surly old goth fart: obviously he has an irrational hatred of our happy little world," let me fill you in a bit

The Gypsy Chest

My last post with the American "golden dollar" has turned into a discussion a old and odd-ball money. In it I mention my "gypsy chest" that I was working on. For those that haven't seen it, this is it. he front is covered in coins from all over the world, from Finland to South Africa, from Spain to New Zealand. The oldest coin on the chest is from 1851 (although there is reproduction of a 1st century Roman coin, the oldest coin I own is a 5th century Byzantine coin).

It's also interesting that, noting the handle on the right which is still the camouflage-green this chest was when I originally got it, a previous owner of the is chest was a Canadian Forces Signaller stationed in Alert, on Ellesmere Island in the Arctic Ocean- the most northern continually occupied community on Earth. This chest has done some travelling in its time.