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May 2003

Loving the Onion

Clearly I'm not the only one that has noticed the Bread and Circuses distraction tactics...

Oringinal post:

My computer is going to melt

I looked at the usage trends on Gothic BC since I first bought the domain in August 1999. With the exception of a couple of hiccups the site has been getting steadily more popular, currently serving roughly 75,000 page views from over 10,000 visitor sessions a month resulting in bandwidth utilization of about 3.5 GB. Problem is this is still running on the same hardware as it was in 1999. I wanted to replace the box as of late 2001. Expenses in 2002 made that impossible, but with the help of donations I was at least able to throw more RAM into the machine and add more hard-drive space. I've been tweaking the software for efficiency, but the fact of the matter is I've pretty much hit the wall with what I can do with this machine. Because I'm still paying off debts incurred in 2002 it is going to be at least November, but more likely January before I can fully replace the machine - two whole years behind what I would have otherwise considered the end of the useful life of a machine I originally purchased in 1998.

A Taste of Things to Come

The third floor hallway, which is a little further along than our hall. I'm looking forward to the old red carpet being ripped out.

Further adventures in fire restorations

The asbestos shack has been gone for a while. New wiring has been run to all the apartments now and they have begun to work on the new ceiling. Note the exit sign hanging by wires. It's just so "Blade-Runner".