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March 2002

Holy Hippo Spit, Reptard!

He's gone completely over the deep end. In his latest rant he's quoting responses to one of Leaf's posts and attributing it to my journal, he doesn't even have the day right. What happened at HSBC six months ago is Karma for what's happening now? And "my letter was like that of the words of Shakespeare"...?!? Holy mixed up grammar, Batman! He has passed well beyond amusingly delusional into utterly

My Commute on the Bus

Here is the rest of my commute that I started here.
After catching my bus it travels down the mountian. This is the Phibbs Exchange, the last stop before crossing the "Ironworkers Memorial Bridge" which is commonly known as the second narrows bridge. The official name is in memory on 19 men who died when a span of the bridge collapsed during construction due to a misplaced decimal point by one of the engineers. If you are wondering "How can one misplace a decimal point?" you are too young to remember slide-rules.
Phibbs Exchange

Mwwahahahaaa -- It's ME!!

OK, I was reading Son of Reptard's latest rant and the bit where he calls Leaf an asshole made me think of that Denis Leary asshole song. I like Dennis Leary.