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Doing a little digging and discovered that my dad’s...


Doing a little digging and discovered that my dad’s “real” (in quotes because of a long story) surname, Worobec, was transliterated badly. I always assumed the Cyrillic would be Воробек, but it is actually Воробець - which would properly transliterate as Worobets or Vorobets

Ageing Brains

Drawing of the Minerva fountain (1751) on the Grand Sablon Square in Brussels, by Louis Titz, 1890

A few weeks ago I was reading about a meta-study that looked for patterns in MRI data from multiple studies. They discovered something that explains a lot, IMHO. As brains age, the way they work changes. Young, healthy adult brains show activity in multiple areas when presented with new information. Multiple pathways connect across multiple areas literally thinking differently about the same thing at the same time. As brains age thinking becomes more distributed and monolithic.


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