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The weather has finally turned. It's not bright and hot and miserable anymore. I'm looking forward to good night's sleep in a cool apartment with the soothing sound of raindrops against the windows. Finally.

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The more I look at my own behaviour the more convinced I become that I suffer from the opposite of seasonal affected disorder. Thankfully rain is coming tonight.

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Neat day

It is as dark and stormy today. I love this weather. I know I am a freak. It was very windy as I was walking to work and it started raining along the way. It has been raining incessantly since I got here and because of it I feel great today.

I swear, I must have some mutant reverse form of seasonal affected disorder. I get miserable when the sun comes out, but the darker and rainier it gets the better I feel. I live for winter when it never stops raining and the sun is only up for six hours a day.

Yeah, I belong in Vancouver.

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