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Washington state

The Daily Colonist, November 19, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Nothing quite on the level of underwater knife-fights with octopi today (I doubt that is ever going to be topped) in addition to horrible news of starvation in Belgium, there is plenty of interesting and almost as exotic news today including stories of:
• The French Foreign Legion,
• Fighting in the "Near East" and exotic Africa,
• The beginning of the events in "Lawrence of Arabia",
• Wild West mayhem with a stage coach robbery and a train robbery,
• An axe murder in Ontario and Ukrainian internment in Québec, and
• News of vital importance to the residents of Victoria...

Anacortes, WA 1976

There were four rolls of film in my dad's old box of pictures that had never been developed. I took three of them in to London Drugs (the fourth will have to go to specialist photo lab since it's not standard C-41 process film). One came out completely blank. Two had pictures on them. This is the second one I scanned.

The images are from a swim-meet at at Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes, Washington. Spring (May or June) 1976. This film sat undeveloped for 37½ years. It's pretty amazing that it came out all!

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