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Exploring Some of Vancouver's World War II Relics

Most Vancouverites are aware of the two "bunkers" at Tower Beach and the "Siwash Bunker" in Stanley Park. The Siwash bunker is a WW I relic, originally housing a 4" gun, and as such can be properly referred to as a "bunker." The towers at Tower Beach, however, built for WW II, never were gun emplacements and were never manned, and as such are not really "bunkers" at all. More on that after the cut.

Sunday morning, 3am.

A few moments from my walk home last night.

The city at night.

The walk home.

This is for Lorra because she liked the walk to work.

Stalkers Take Note: my commute

My commute is the best part of my working day. This almost makes up for sitting a cubicle for 40 hours a week:

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