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140809 Sin City, 2014
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The Daily Colonist, December 10, 1914

The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

• Three German cruisers sunk in naval battle near Falkland Islands.
• Forces from British India take Kurna...
• Second article "Cheerful News for the Allies" restates the naval and Persian Gulf victories, continues with other news...
• Italy draws a line in the sand...
• Prince of Wales promoted to lieutenant.
• Picture of one of the German cruisers that was sunk.
• ...Russia is looking to purchase munitions from Japan.
• Main plant of Edison Company destroyed in fire...
• Interesting little 2-line filler article...
• Provincial government revokes licenses of "no less than nine" clubs in Vancouver...
• Canadian actress Mary Pickford signs record-breaking contract with Famous Players...

The Daily Colonist, December 6, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years (plus two days) ago today:

• Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden [that's the guy on the $100 bill] addresses the Canadian and Empire clubs of Toronto...
• An interesting article detailing the current methods of trench warfare.
• Full-page war technology feature in the magazine section is on aerial combat.
• The usual excellent round-up of the week's events in the children's section...

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The Daily Colonist, December 3, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

• On the eastern front, the Austrian army takes Belgrade, capital of Servia [Serbia] (remember how this war started...)
• Dispatches from Russia have the Germans in retreat again, although a Russian General that failed to make his objective was been relieved of duty.
• Italy might soon, maybe, announce what they think they might do later, if everyone agrees.
• Germans are expected to stubbornly keep doing the same thing they've been trying to do for months...
• General de Wet, leader of the Boer rebellion in South Africa, is captured, probably ending the rebellion that has been previously announced as probably over several times in the past few months.
• Germans in Antwerp refuse to not steal food and supplies until the government of Antwerp pays a £2,000,000 war levy that the government of Antwerp refuses to pay unless the Germans stop stealing food and supplies.
• Contract awarded for new grain elevator in Vancouver to handle the larger volume of exports to Europe now expected with the completion of the Panama Canal
• Editorial on the dangers of automobile headlights
• Puff-piece on the good spirits of Canadian troops housed on Salisbury Plain [containing this gem illustrating how language can change in 100 years, "And of all the gay young soldiers from Canada, those of the mechanical transport corps are among the gayest."]


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