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The Daily Colonist, November 14, 1914, Addendum

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago ...yesterday.

News from the Canadian camp on Salisbury Plain that I almost missed yesterday:

• Forces are banned from corresponding directly or indirectly with press
• Hailstorm knocks over signs and tents
• Ignorant dufus objects to vaccinations, gets typhoid.
• Rich Canadian with low rank is surprised to find he's not allowed to socialize with officers.

Whooping Cough Fun

gribbled wood

Bloody fucking whooping cough... I finished off a ten-day course of antibiotics Monday. The bacteria that caused this is quite dead and gone, so I am not contagious, and technically I am not so much "sick" at this point as "injured." Random cells in my trachea and principal bronchi have been killed. I imagine my throat looks like a piece of gribbled wood at this point and I've got to heal from that.

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