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Oi, vey.

First time surfing in 11 years. This should be interesting!

Off to bed I go. This will be a dawn patrol... I'll be getting up at 3:30, leaving at 4:00, getting Lorra at 4:30, catching the 5:15 ferry from Tsawassen to Duke Point, we should make it to Live to Surf in Tofino by 10am, and on the water by 10:30!

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Oh, yeah...

And I can afford to go surfing.

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At Lorra's Request

I ain't no kook
Me surfing, early spring 1989.

And while I was spelunking...

Here are a couple for Lorra:

My old surf club's logo from 1988 (135 Kb)

One of my old surf drawings from the same year (200 Kb)

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