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Something I heard on television tonight

"That's what people do. We make plans. Then life does what ever it wants."

Oringinal post:


The one of the girls I work with told me the ickiest thing today.

We were talking about high school and ended up talking about dissecting things. She said that in India they don't use frogs anymore because they are becoming endangered... So they use rats.

OK, fine. No biggie. Lab rats. Nothing surprising.

Up to this point I am remembering the formaldehyded frogs we got in high-school, but then she says that she was so good and careful about her dissections that the rat's heart would still be beating when she finished. They used live rats!!!

Details at 11

OK, I need to go to bed like a good ZelleFallhammer, but just to pique your curiosity:

Trish gave me a fish and touched my thing,

I touched Jen's boob,

and Nic kissed me.

So there.

Oringinal post:

No soup for you!

I'm just in that kind of mood...

You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Oringinal post:

Prince Charles take note

The Nepalese heir apparent went psycho, shot everyone in his extended family, tried to kill himself as well, botched the suicide and now he is king. Interesting way to get ahead in life.

Oringinal post:

New heights of boredom

OK. I'm still broke so I'm looking for cheap entertainment. There is blank panel on my easel that is taunting me and I have exciting things to do like laundry, but I want to do something new. Well, I thought of something new. "I wonder what will happen if I shove this ice-cream box in the garberator?" I think. Well, guess what. It worked. "Hmmm...? If that worked what about this empty cereal box?" Yup. That worked too.

How much more pathetic can I get?


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