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Pick a neurosis, any neurosis

They are fun for the whole family and they are free. They're giving them away in magazines and on TV. You can also pick them up from your neighbourhood church. If you want to pay a premium you can get the deluxe ones from the Ministry of Vital Statistics and your friendly, neighbourhood family law practitioner. They can also be picked up at your favourite bars and nightclubs and as a bonus you can also upgrade the ones you have while you are there. They are also fun to share. Hide a few under an old lover's pillow - they'll find them when they least expect them. Hours of fun.


I just don't feel like going to Sanctuary tonight. I was planning to go, I even washed my club clothes and started getting ready. Now I've changed my mind. Trish won't be there. Mike's decided not to go. I can't get drunk because of work tomorrow and the annoying fact that I have limited funds. I think I'm better off to save what little I have for when Lorra is in town next week.

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