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Georgia Straight Sin City Article

If Ever There Was Any Doubt

I just observed a headline in the Metro - the least trashy of the free dailies:

Reward offered for proof Elvis lives

Oringinal post:

Weekend Headlines

Yellow Yellower Yellowest
Globe and Mail Vancouver Sun

Due to the miracle of atomic mutation the city was saved...

Vancouver Sun article
Cat for Trish

...but at what cost?

Actually this is brilliant. Now if they can pull off a retrovirus to upgrade my existing cats...

And in other news...

Today's Vancouver Surrey Province headline:

Secret fan of coma babies

Friday's Vancouver Province Headline:

Majority in BC Support Referendum on Land Claims

Today's Vancouver Province Headline:

Majority in BC Support Legalization of Pot

And the Vancouver Province supports whatever will sell the most newspapers to the hoards of brainless sensualists that infest the suburbs.

Oringinal post:

I noticed a headline

Walking past a row of newspaper boxes a moment ago I noticed a headline; 'Half of Canadians Fear Tapwater". My first thought was, statistically, half of Canadians are of below average intelligence.

Oringinal post:

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