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New Zealand

Interview Tonight

The job in Wellington just called. My telephone interview is tonight at 7 p.m. (4 p.m. Wednesday, NZ time).

Oringinal post:

Nothing Yet

No news about the lead in Wellington yesterday. I'm not surprised by this since I was told on what was a Friday afternoon just before a summer long weekend that HR would be setting up a telephone interview. I can't imagine that being on the top of anyone's list first thing back from a long weekend. In fact, if it were me, I'd have this week booked off as vacation.

Well, this is exciting!

I just got a call from the fellow I've been corresponding with, Kevin Kelly, about the job in Wellington. They are keen on me and I will have my first interview with the hiring manager, Rodney Whitmore, most likely Monday night local time (Tuesday afternoon in New Zealand; Monday is a holiday there, apparently). This is a very solid nibble.

DRAFT: Why I Want to Migrate to New Zealand

Given that Lotus Domino and related products are typically deployed by larger organisations and development is typically done from "head office" locations, opportunities for employment in my profession tend to be concentrated in a small number of cities. In the English-speaking world this comes down to New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Sydney, Melbourne, Aukland, and Wellington.


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