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the media

News in the 21st Century

(timings are approximate)
Hour 0: news is created/disseminated from the source

Hours 0-30: people with a direct interest micro-blog (Tweeting, fb-status, etc.), text, and blog about it.

Hours 12-48: people with a secondary interest micro-blog, text, and blog about it.

Hours 24-72: dinosaur print and broadcast media start to disseminate the story.

CBC News - The Globe and Mail - Macleans ...

Even the mainstream media is reporting abuses. Just a sampling.

Synchronized Peeing, New Olympic Sport

I bet, if you tried, you couldn't get a herd of sheep to all pee at the same time. I'm just sayin'…

Oringinal post:

Weasel-operated Camels - the Explanation

"A camel is a horse designed by committee."

Weasels <-- Marketing Weasels


A weasel-operated camel is one of those things that, by the nature of a "camel" with a committee-of-the-clueless genesis, lacks both utility and beauty yet is taken up by marketing weasels, who with equal or excess cluelessness, heap lies upon crap in an effort to get the weak-minded to believe the camel is worth using and pouring money into for the sole purpose of the weasels getting their cut before it all caves in on itself.



A reporter from tracked me down at work today.

She was pleasant enough but wasn't going to let my guard down.

I had a statement ready.

If Isaac hadn't agreed to talk to them from Hawaii they were going to come and put me on camera at work.

Edit: We'll I'll be damned if she (Kate Corcoran, CTV) didn't do a good job!

Oringinal post:

If Ever There Was Any Doubt

I just observed a headline in the Metro - the least trashy of the free dailies:

Reward offered for proof Elvis lives

Oringinal post:

Worst Adminstration Ever

We all know the Republicans don't care about human lives or the sorts of freedoms one would expect in, oh, say, a republic, and are more concerned with profit, consolidation and abuse of federal powers (a.k.a. turning the republic into an empire), and dog-wagging imperialism... so let's look at where they have failed in these terms:

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