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Happy Birthday to Me

The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock

-T. S. Eliot


My mom's heart is starting to act up a bit. She's on beta blockers for hypertension now. She's just turned 71 so this isn't exactly something unusual. It's not like she is going to keel over tomorrow. But my sister is bugging me to go back to the island to visit. I can't afford it right now. I think she may be so insistent out of guilt about what happened when my dad was sick. She phoned me to tell me he was in the hospital and probably not going to make it.


Interesting. As I shed my work clothes for a pair of ratty black jeans and a Skinny Puppy t-shirt old enough to get into the bar on it's own I remembered my mother telling me about my grandfather changing into his scruffiest clothes after finishing work at the bank. Yes, my grandfather worked in a bank. I never knew him. He died in 1948 at the age of 48. Men in my family don't live long. This is part of my concern about wasting my life...

Oringinal post:

The Borg are coming!

Or perhaps the Daleks... something like that anyway.

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