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Social(media) Faux Pas

No one noticed when I quit LinkedIn months ago. But everyone lost their minds Friday when I purged my Facebook account. No one seemed to notice that no one was unfriended from any other social media site I am active on... Pinterest, Instragram, G+, YouTube, Ello, etc. and no one was removed from any of the Facebook groups and pages where I am an admin. I still have the same e-mail addresses I've had for decades. I still have the same phone number I've had for 14 years, which, incidentally is listed and my name is not a secret.


[Gothic BC] We'll Still Be Here

An article in the Vancouver Sun today reveals that a study funded by the European Union has found that Facebook is "not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried".

News in the 21st Century

(timings are approximate)
Hour 0: news is created/disseminated from the source

Hours 0-30: people with a direct interest micro-blog (Tweeting, fb-status, etc.), text, and blog about it.

Hours 12-48: people with a secondary interest micro-blog, text, and blog about it.

Hours 24-72: dinosaur print and broadcast media start to disseminate the story.

I'll be damned!

Once again I must say the Internet is a strange and wonderful thing. This morning I was greeted by an e-mail from Georgia (the American state, not the Russian one) where someone wanted some development work. Amazing. When I put up my business web site I never expected anyone to even see it without my directing them to it, let alone any business to come in from it.


So I got back to the guy from Turkey yesterday about the PHP implementation. He was pleased with my response and sent this thank you:

Thank you very much indeed for your comments.

King Regards


I just love the idiom. "King Regards" I assume means a salutation worthy of a king. I have a mental image of a Turk in riding robes bowing flamboyantly.

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