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[Gothic BC] Yule Log Lady

The Pub (*beta)

I've been working on a brilliant idea for a social networking site. It's revolutionary. I call it "The Pub."

Thanks to the miracle of convergent technologies you don't even need a desktop computer, you can use your cell phone or even a land-line. Send someone a text message or use a voice call and invite them to "The Pub."

Goth Pathology

I came across these:

And the necessity to make this called out to me:

Greater Vancouver Jokes

Q. If you see someone from East Van on a bicycle, why should you never swerve to hit him?

A: It might be your bicycle.

Q: Why does the Fraser River run past Surrey and Richmond?

A: Because if it walked it'd get hit by a street-racer.

Q. What is someone from Richmond's idea of "thinking outside the box"?

A. Shopping on Robson St. instead of going to a mall.

Q: What do you call someone from East Van in a house in West Van?

A : A burglar.

I Made a Few Extra Buttons

I made five (arranged in no particular order) extra buttons. I'll have them with me at Sin City tomorrow if anyone wants to buy one.

Operating Systems as Farm Equipment

For the purpose of this analogy I'm equating working on a corporate network with the task of plowing a field.

Windows - A tractor:

Does the job. Pretty much eveyone uses one. It breaks down from time to time, but because of it's ubiquity mechanics are easy to come by. Some tractors are better than others and every so often the manufacturer markets a real lemon. Fuel costs a fortune and the diesel you used to run your old tractor on is no good for your new gasoline-powered tractor so you are stuck with a useless tank of fuel behind the barn.


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