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BlackBerry Storm

"BlackBerry Shit-Storm" more like it.

When this this was announced in the summer it looked like it was going to be über-cool and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

But wait I did. For months. I signed up for news on the release date and waited. "Out in time for Christmas" I was promised.

Useful IT Tip

Underneath a desk were it is too dark to see WTF you are doing when plugging in a cable, a Blackberry displaying a mostly white screen makes an effective light source.

Oringinal post:

Fighting my Daemons

I am going to do paint. I am not going to waste many, many hours installing a Jabber daemon to add live chat to Gothic BC for no good reason other than a whim to fool with it.

Must...  resist... geeking... out...

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