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Social(media) Faux Pas

No one noticed when I quit LinkedIn months ago. But everyone lost their minds Friday when I purged my Facebook account. No one seemed to notice that no one was unfriended from any other social media site I am active on... Pinterest, Instragram, G+, YouTube, Ello, etc. and no one was removed from any of the Facebook groups and pages where I am an admin. I still have the same e-mail addresses I've had for decades. I still have the same phone number I've had for 14 years, which, incidentally is listed and my name is not a secret.


Hazardous Chemicals in the Hands of the Chemically Hazardous

So a well-meaning friend shared a post from one of those "kemikuls r bad / big-pharma keeps us sick for profit / magical diluted fairy water cures cancer" type pages, which in turn was a link from a similarly themed website. The link was to an article titled "3-Ingredient Natural Grout and Tile Cleaner – keeps tiles spotless & grime-free without chemicals" and was presented on the page along with this caption:

[Gothic BC] Facebook Login

You can now do a single-click login from Facebook on Gothic BC. If you have and existing account, you should log in normally first and make sure that the e-mail you have registered for Gothic BC is the same as the one you used to register for facebook.

[Gothic BC] You Say Goodbye and I Say Ello

So the "exodus" to Ello is the big deal du jour.  Right now, it all bears a striking resemblance to the initial scramble to Google+ that still hasn't really gained traction. There's no real way of knowing at this point.

[Gothic BC] We'll Still Be Here

An article in the Vancouver Sun today reveals that a study funded by the European Union has found that Facebook is "not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried".

One Million Monkeys

I came across the attached image today and decided to take a few moments to create something around the idea, and One Million Monkeys was born. There is both a One Million Monkeys facebook page and a One Million Monkeys twitter account (@OneMMonkeys).

Facebook Photo Uploader in Fedora 16

Running Fedora 16 PAE with Firefox 9 and the Adobe Flash plugin, I found that the facebook photo uploader control was not working. The flash plugin itself seemed fine, but just didn't want to work with facebook. I found that the solution was to remove nspluginwrapper. After that it worked like a charm.

Things do Change Once You Get Married - Facebook Advertising, for Example...

One of the things I love about LiveJournal is that with my paid account I am not subjected to a barrage of irritating advertisements. On the flip-side though, Facebook's attempts at targeted advertising amuse the hell out of me.

Creating an RSS Feed from a Facebook Wall

I'm not the first one to run into this problem, but in searching around I couldn't actually find anyone who had actually bothered to solve the problem: how to get an RSS feed from a publicly accessible facebook wall. The facebook wall can either be a fan-page wall or a publicly accessible group's wall.


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