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The Daily Colonist, February 1-5, 1915

#dailycolonist1915 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago:

Excluding the news of a Zeppelin attack on London, it is impossible to look at the events of this week outside of the context of the tyrannical fear-mongering of the Harper government and bill C-51. It can be plainly seen by these articles from a century ago that things are not any more or less dangerous and all that is happening is a profound step backwards toward a time when people, like my great-grandparents, were forced to register with the police and report regularly on the threat of being packed away to forced labour camps simply for the crime of having been born in the wrong country.

On the Value of Zombie Walk

Culture Jamming with a Meaningless Mob instead of a Pointless Protest 

Synchronized Peeing, New Olympic Sport

I bet, if you tried, you couldn't get a herd of sheep to all pee at the same time. I'm just sayin'…

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Just Heard this on CBC Radio 2

Apparently the federal government has preemptively sent extra body-bags out to remote native communities in anticipation of swine flu making the rounds this winter.

Somewhere in Ottawa, someone thought this was a good idea and the best course of action.

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Black Market Cheese

A friend who lives in faraway lands where they don't have to lock up the cheese at night and who has marvelled at my tales of the cheese-vault at the 24-hour Supervalu on Davie just sent me this story:

Prince Charles take note

The Nepalese heir apparent went psycho, shot everyone in his extended family, tried to kill himself as well, botched the suicide and now he is king. Interesting way to get ahead in life.

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