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Convergence 10

Leaving Chicago

Well, we're into the “hurry up and wait” part of the trip home.

Convergence itself was fun. The Art Institute was fabulous. Going up the Sears Tower was just weird (it is *flat* here). All in all, though, not a place I'd want do anything more than visit. It's a prairie town with everyone (except the goths) trying out-working-class each other. Imagine

everyone from Brooklyn coming to Manhattan at the same time - that's Chicago.

Oringinal post:

Art and Architecture

Today we did the full-on tourist thing and went to the Art Institute of Chicago (and saw “American Gothic”-lol) and went up the Sears Tower.

I was very pleasantly surprised to come across a painting by an ancestor of mine, Cornelis Huysmans, in the musem. I knew the Met had one (and we forgot to look for it when we were there) but had no idea there was one here.

Tonight is the fashion show and the last official night. We'll be home tomorrow and the deluge of photos will start Tuesday.

Day Two

Well, getting up at what would have been 3 o'clock in the morning caused us to wear out at about... Well... 3 o'clock in the morning. But now we're well rested and off to do some “Toddlin'” around town. First order of

business today is a group photo in front of the Buckingham Fountain (it's the one show in the opening credits of “Married with Children”. Then off the explore some obscure archetectual oddities, check out the vendors, and go see more bands. Tonight is Black Tape for a Blue Girl, amongst others.

Oh, yeah... I saw a man dance with his wife.


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