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city of the future

More Musings on the City of the Future

Here I sit, on a fully-automated robot train, typing a message that I will trnasmit by radio to in-turn be relayed by wire and light to San Francisco where it will be automatically published. The message will be read on cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal displays across the continent from Vancouver to Los Angeles to Miami to New York. It will be read at opposite ends of the earth, from Europe to Australia. And this is all a routine part of my Monday morning commute.

The Last Few Pictures from The City of the Future Series

(#47) In the future the mightiest tower of the Empire will be lost in a forest of glass and steel.

(This tower with the cupola, the former headquarters of the Vancouver Sun newspaper and still called the "Sun Tower", was the tallest building in the British Empire when it was finished in 1922)

City of the Future

The City of the Future project is now closed. I won't be taking any more pictures in this series. I'll be putting up a project gallery soon and in the mean time you can visit the project blog to see samples as I prepare the last images made in the series.


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