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People-size Light Tent

Last Friday I shot at Beerlesque. The set-up I was given was inside a white tent. I have to say this ended up being a real pleasure to shoot in. Instead of shooting with an umbrella or a soft-box, I ended up using the tent itself to bounce the light around. Basically turned the thing into a people-size lightbox and loved it, and am really happy with the results.

The Daily Colonist, September 17, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

• Rheims retaken, Germans pushed well back from Paris
• 40,000 Canadians to fight overseas
• Black-out regulations for London questioned
• Cowichan Fall Fair
• Hilarious attempt to market American beer

I feel better now

I went out. I drank a couple Guinness. Danced a bit to Sisters of Mercy. Talked with pretty girls (how can someone have cute knees? I'm definitely getting weirder... oh, well.) And now I feel better. A small comment made a big impact. I'm feeling focused again.

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Shocking news

I am drinking beer that is not Guinness!

And liking it!

I stopped off at a beer & wine store and they didn't have Guinness so I got "Kootenay Black Lager" - and it's good!

The leprechauns are going to revoke my pointy shoes for my heresy.

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