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Michael R. Barrick's blog

Two Words...

Ugh, Monday.

It's raining today and despite the fact that I didn't go to Sanctuary last night I still had trouble getting my ass in gear this morning, probably because I was up late Saturday night.

Right now some shmoe is babbling on about picking up hardwood flooring for his condo in a SUV that he rented and how he wants to buy one now. Barf.

Here's today's comic. I've said it before, I'll day it again: there is not enough coffee in the world for Monday mornings.

Woe is me

My life is a darkroom. One big, dark room... By the time you have read this I will have jumped leapt plummeted from the winter river bridge... Everything I touch turns to coal. Life is a pointless barrage of pain. I am sadder that anyone could possibly be, pity me, make comments in my journal so I feel loved...

I noticed a headline

Walking past a row of newspaper boxes a moment ago I noticed a headline; 'Half of Canadians Fear Tapwater". My first thought was, statistically, half of Canadians are of below average intelligence.

Oringinal post:

I am not slacking

I'm actually testing a program agent to be used in a mail migration in the background. I've got to keep one eye on it to make sure it is working properly. If it doesn't do what it is supposed to I could end up mangling six thousand people's e-mail.

So the damn Royal Bank nitwits haven't returned my money yet. They said Thurday and it still isn't there. I'm going to get paid before this is fixed. I may as well have screwed my landlord over on purpose and not bother post-dating the cheque.

Too Funny

OK I found this posted on the wall of the coffee room and had a good chuckle. It's a tax form for recently laid-off employees. I have friends that fit this bill perfectly complete with the "accidentally forgot to return" laptops sold for rent and BMW payment. Personally the borrowing from your parents thing hit home.

Funny thing about this regular work day stuff: it seems I have a lot less to say. After all who wants to hear about the code I wrote today.

Oringinal post:


It works. Now I can happily update my journal throughout the day and then quickly and easily upload my entries at the end of the day from home so there aren't any incriminating entries in the proxy reports. I've got all the features: picture selection, mood selection, even public/friends/private security. Hehe! Such a geek!

Oringinal post:

Second test, problem with moods...

Oringinal post:

This is the first test of my new offline Notes-based client.




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