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The Daily Colonist, April 20-26, 1915

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#dailycolonist1915 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago:

[A lot of what happens, or is about to happen this week one hundred years ago has been in the news in the present. The first major gas attack by the Germans at Ypres, which distinguishes the Canadians involved, happens. On the 25th is the attack on Gallipoli that is remembered as ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand happens. Of course the results of the battle won't be in the paper until next week, but the build-up is ominous—it's very clear the Empire knew they were throwing the colonials in the meat-grinder. Also not in the paper is the start of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire. There is also a hint of the Arab Revolt that will eventually be led by T. E. Lawrence. A very interesting week...]

  • Tuesday, April 20, 1915
    • A British naval officer passing through New York on his way from Malta to Vancouver expresses confidence that they will be able to take the Dardanelles.
    • The Minister of Justice is making an inspection of the internment camps in northern Québec and Ontario. The wives and children of internerned "enemy aliens" are to be sent to the vicinity of the camps. 
    • German submariners still being referred to as "pirates" and "murderers" for attacking civilian shipping.
    • A German reports states that 35,000 British and French troops have landed in the Dardanelles.
    • "Desperados" involved in a gun fight with police in New Westminster during a robbery are arrested in Vancouver.
    • Founder of the Reuters news network, Baron Herbert de Reuter found dead in Surrey, England with a revolver nearby, "there is little doubt that he committed suicide."
    • British troops start strong offensive near Ypres, gaining three miles and taking 800 Germans prisoner.
  • Wednesday, April 21, 1915
    • British cabinet ministers from the House of Commons and House of Lords, along with Prime Minister Asquith give an update on the war to armament workers in Newcasle, answering many questions. Chancellor of the Exchequer states that Lord Kitchener [for whom Berlin, Ontario will be renamed] is satisfied with voluntary enrolment and no conscription will be necessary. The article also has updates on what is going in Africa, the advances near Ypres and operations in the Dardanelles.
    • Turks are said to have 350,000 men in place to defend Gallipoli. The article claims that the troops are poor fighters "in poor condition" and "we can deal with them easily." "Have no fear of a massacre" the article says.
    • A man in Victoria is fined for driving on the wrong side of the street (the right hand side).
  • Thursday, April 22, 1915
    • Germans are hard-pressed near Ypres. Heavy fighting and the Germans are taking serious loses. This article also includes a German report.
    • An article summarizing situation in the Carpathians. Spring flooding is impairing the Russian advance in Galicia.
    • A report from Greece states that the Turks are heavily entrenched near Gallipoli. A German report states that the British and French have landed 20,000 men near Gallipoli. An American report states that Allied forces will be reinforced with "a powerful force of troops gathered largely from India and Southern France."
    • [Meanwhile on the moon...] British forces and "French native troops from Central Africa" have defeated German troops in Kamerun [Cameroon].
  • Friday, April 23, 1915
    • A presentation to Parliament in London on the war gives "glowing accounts of the strength and condition of the British Army". There are updates from all fronts including, "signs of [a] vigorous attack on German and Turkish Armies commencing ... near Dardanelles", report that the Germans are fighting hard so retake territory lost near Ypres, and rumours that Italy might enter the war.
    • Russian Ambassador reports that Italy has not decided what course they will take. 
    • Whaling season in British Columbia to open in early in May.
    • British victory in Mesopotamia [Iraq] routs Ottoman forces. The article notes "turncoat Arab tribesmen" harassing Ottoman forces.
  • Saturday, April 24, 1915
    • French report states counter attack by British [Canadian] against "ground gained by Germans though use of asphyxiating bombs" [chlorine] is successful. The article says, "In Belgium the surprise caused by asphyxiating bombs used by the Germans to the north of Ypres had no grave consequences."
      The article also includes a German report.
    • British report on "Poisonous Gas Used by Enemy" detailing the gas attack [referred to as "asphyxiating gas", at no point is chlorine mentioned.]
  • Sunday, April 25, 1915
    • Swiss article on the number of German soldiers being driven insane by the rigours of war [what will come to be called "shell-shock" and what we now call PTSD.]
    • Another report on the German gas attack and the Canadian counter-attack that "saved the situation."
    • "Success Gained Through Gas Bomb Device Turned to Failure by Canadians". Reports from the War Office in London and Ottawa. [At no point is chlorine mentioned, just "asphyxiating gas".]
  • Monday, April 25, 1915
    • [No paper on Mondays]

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