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The Daily Colonist, January 19-23, 1915

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#dailycolonist1915 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago:

  • Tuesday, January 19, 1915
    • [nothing particularly noteworthy]
  • Wednesday, January 20, 1915
    • Spectacular news of a Zeppelin raid over Norfolk County, including the bombing of the royal residence at Sandringham where King George and Queen Mary had been residing until just one day earlier. "Bombs were dropped on Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, Sandringham, Cromer, Sheeringham and Beeston, and everywhere except Beeston casualties and damage to property resulted." Precautions instuted in London. Report of a Zeppelin over Ipswich. Report of one Zeppelin being brought down.
    • And another story on the Zeppelin raid with a first-hand account from a witness in Kings Lynn.
    • Report on casualties in Kings Lynn from Zeppelin raid. Seven-year old boy killed, his parents injured.
    • A report on casualties in Yarmouth. Man and woman are killed. Eye-witness reports.
    • Captain Smith of Princess Patricia Regiment debunks the report of a bayonet charge my the Princess Pats that ran on January 15.
  • Thursday, January 21, 1915
    • Zeppelin attack stiffens British resolve. No indications of panic. Aerial attacks characterised as "New Savagery" and "the clearest violation of every conceivable rule of civilized warfare."
    • Report of a Zeppelin being downed from yesterday is denied by the Hunstanton police.
    • More detailed report on the property damage done and casualties in the Zeppelin raid, including the injuring of a nursing mother.
    • Zeppelins passed over Netherlands. Dutch goverment outraged by violation of Dutch neutrality. Formal protest expected to site German protest of British violations of neutral Swiss airspace. This article also continues with a report on "German Exultation" over the air raid.
    • Yet another article with speculations on the aircraft used air raid [and other news from the war which I did not include]. Insurance rates for damage by aircraft have been doubled.
    • Article lauding Canadian soldiers in the Princess Patricia Regiment for their discipline and courage, but also retracting the report of a bayonet charge.
    • Account of some events from the Christmas truce.
    • Lovely ad for a sale on evening dresses.
  • Friday, January 22 and Saturday January 23, 1915
    • [nothing of any particular note]


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