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The Daily Colonist, December 27, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Absolutely nothing about the unofficial cease-fires that were strongly implied to have been already arranged in stories reported on the 24th, including the Prince of Wales travelling home to England and the Kaiser touring the front lines. Other than two aerial battles, all other news of battles have datelines of December 26.

  • A German report of a British raid on the German coast using "hydro-aeroplanes"
  • An aerial battle between one German aeroplane and two British aeroplanes "was one which ten years ago would have been considered one of the wildest imaginings of fiction."
  • Four hundred men killed and 500 injured in another train collision in Poland, once again "a railway switch had been changed at the last moment." This time "The station master, switchman and others are under arrest."
  • Four complete pages devoted to the Russian royal family and the Russian military.


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