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The Daily Colonist, December 4, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

  • King George V visits the front, walks in trenches with front-line soldiers.
  • Italy has announced that they are definitely, for-sure, not doing anything until they decide otherwise, if they feel like it.
  • Men in funny hats have called for January 3rd to be a national day of asking for humbly asking their Imaginary Friend to help us and not the other guy. King takes issue with antiquated use of the word "humiliation".
  • Dutch soldiers shoot Belgian refugees, killing six and wounding nine, when Belgians riot over concentration camp conditions. 
  • 42 "undesirables" returned to Canada from camp on Salisbury Plain. "Undesirables" include the physically unfit and unnaturalised immigrants. 
  • Ad for CCM "Automobile Skates" [N.B. CCM, "Canada Cycle and Motor", started out making bicycles, branched out into cars with their Russel Motor Car Co., ads for which I have featured earlier, and the they started making skates out of scrap metal left over from the cars, which led to other hockey equipement.]
  • Ad for "Important Sale of Ladies' Ostrich Feather Boas and Ruffles"

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