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The Daily Colonist, November 1, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

  • Map of the current lines of the Western front on the front page.
  • [Hidden on the 3rd page, so insignificant at the time that the article cuts off in mid-sentence, the Ukrainian internment has truly begun.] All enemy aliens must register, and "As soon as the approximate number of aliens of enemy countries in Canada is known, the Government will proceed with the establishment of concentration camps."
  • No more Canadian citizenships to be granted except under special circumstances and citizenship may be revoked on the mere suspicion of hostile action against the Empire (which would then make the accused an "enemy alien" suitable for the above mentioned concentration camps. [Does this sound at all familiar in 2014? Just replace "enemy alien" with "terrorist".])
  • The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) is in unquestionably in the war now, claiming control of Egypt (and therefore the Suez Canal).
  • Off-shore shelling of German positions on the Belgian coast can be head in England.
  • Some survivors from the October 30 wreck of the hospital ship Rohilla that was yesterday's headline are still clinging to the wreckage and rescue attempts continue.
  • On the entertainment page, a feature, with photo, of survivalist Joe "nature man" Knowles who is headlining at the Pantages this week.
  • Photo of British "Mobile Fortress" [tanks don't exist yet.]
  • Like last week's feature on submarines, the Sunday magazine section has a full-page feature on heavy artillery. [Too much to reproduce in screen-shots. Visit the page here: ]
  • The usual excellent summary of the week's events in the Children's section, including several stories I didn't catch myself.
  • Ads that caught my eye, including one for an electric hair dryer, the latest Edison phonograph, you last chance to get oriental rugs previously imported from Constantinople now that we are at war with Turkey, and a paid half-page of religious nuttery masquerading as news about how the war is the culmination of Biblical prophecy and the end is nigh.

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