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[Gothic BC] The Sin City Photo Booth

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I've been fretting over this for months, really since I got deathly ill this time last year. I think it may be time to move on from doing the photo booth at Sin City. It was only ever tangentially relevant to Gothic BC, and becoming less and less so over time, and especially now that there is a Sin City website so that Gothic BC isn't even the definitive repository of images anymore. Sales of prints peaked a long time ago and are barely worth the effort anymore, and since roaming photographers became a regular part of the event the exclusive "safe-zone" of the photo booth has long-since been lost. 

Heraclitus rightly said a couple dozen centuries ago that the only constant in life is change, so I won't go on bemoaning how things have changed. Suffice to say any idea that what I was doing 15 years ago, when almost no one had a digital camera of any sort, when LiveJournal was the cutting edge of social media, before Flickr, before mySpace, et al would be absurd. And while I'm sure it is somebody's fetish, I can't keep flogging a dead horse. 

I'm somewhat stumped about exactly how to move forward, though, but that's a whole different can of existential angst. 

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