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The Daily Colonist, September 13, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

The war reporting is frustratingly vague again: an advance here, a retreat there, nothing substantial and all of it happening on an abstract, unimaginable scale. German news reporting is lampooned as ridiculous propaganda and the Germans are made out to be callous villains while the Austrians are cowards.

  • Details of an aerial battle over Troyes, France. 
  • Canadian troops now overseas are about to be sent into the front, waiting for transport.
  • New Jovian moon discovered, 9th so far [Officially this moon will be designated Jupiter iX until 1955, when it is unofficially named "Hades". In 1975 it will be officially named "Sinope" by the IAU. 13 moons were discovered before the arrival of Voyager I, which discovered three more. Better telescopes and techniques like the ones used to identify exoplanets have now raised the total count of Jovian moons to 67.]
  • Whaling ships return for the winter after a successful season.
  • 2-page map of Europe printed. Also available for sale for 35¢ (or mailed anywhere in Canada, Great Britain or the United Stated for 50¢).
  • The children's section once again has a nice summary of the week's events [again written at a level that would be considered "college level" today, and featuring an interesting tangent on "civilizing Africa" that speaks volumes of the racism inherent in colonialism.]
  • And lastly, a collection advertisements that caught my eye for being beautiful or interesting, including a "celebrity endorsement" of Brovril by polar explorer Ernest Shackelton [At the time polar explorers had the same sort of cachet as Astronauts did in the 1960s, eg. remember Christopher Robin's "expotition to the north pole" in Winne the Pooh.]