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When Hiring a Photographer

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When hiring a photographer it isn't just the time shooting you are paying for. It isn't even just the usual list of equipment costs, post-processing time, experience, education, etc. There are sundry other things that are never mentioned:

  • The time spent looking for that thing I hardly ever use but I know I am going to need to bring and not use this time.
  • Time time searching for the thing I need that I had a minute ago that now I can't bloody find.
  • The years of experience that go into spending 20 minutes deciding if it is worth cramming backup equipment into the bag vs. not wanting be hobbled with a sore back for the next three days from hauling around a bunch of stuff I won't need vs. the horrible looming spectre of this being the one time something goes wrong and failing the client
  • The time spent on Google Maps trying to figure out how to get where I need to be on time
  • The time spent looking for that other thing I had in my hand TWO BLOODY SECONDS ago that I can't find now.
  • The time spent unpacking the bag and repacking to fit in that one other thing that I will need and almost forgot.
  • Time spent figuring out what to wear so I don't look like Dennis Hopper's character in Apocalypse Now crashing a wedding vs. out-dressing the groom.
  • The time spent reducing my angst level by writing a sarcastic blog post no one will read.


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