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Wiggle Stereoscopes on deviantART at Last!

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I've been creating digital stereoscopic "wiggle" images for eight years now. DeviantART has had on-and-off support for GIF files over the years, and lately opted to restrict GIF uploads to a few select categories, none of which were really appropriate for stereoscopic photography. For lack of a better place to put them on DA, my stereoscopes have been relegated to the Digital Art>Miscellanous>Animation ghetto with animated icons and sparkling Twilight tributes.

Recently, though, DA finally added a section for stereoscopic images. It's still under the Digital Art section, which isn't quite the right place for photographic work, but I can live with that since there is a specific Digital Art>Stereoscopy>Wiggle>Animation sub-category. Sadly my first attempts at using it were thwarted by a lack of GIF support.

I raised the problem with deviantART support, explaining that GIF support is really a necessity for the category. In the mean time I discovered animated-PNG as a workaround (but an unsatisfactory one, since only Firefox will display the animation) and put a few up, linking to the GIF versions in the ghetto for people with other browsers to find.

As an interesting aside, my ticket was assigned to a goth from Toronto, and I can't help wondering if we have mutual friends IRL.

She agreed on the need for GIF support in the category and sent the official request up to the DA techies. The support has been added and I have just finished moving all my stereoscopes on DA to the new category …swamping it with my work ;-)

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