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[Gothic BC] Buy Photos On-line

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You can order photos that have been tagged as being of you or your friends (sorry, not just anybody can buy any photo.) And, of course, I don't have printable source files for the photos that are uploaded to the site from other photographers, so those are not available for purchase. If a photo is available for you to purchase you will see a "buy photo" link in the caption area.

Prices are as follows:

4" ? 6" w/ paper frame - $10 ea.
5" ? 7" w/ paper frame - $12 ea.

(plus shipping, tax is included)

Other than the digital copies that appear on the site that available through the "get picture" link, digital copies are not available for purchase. I may make more print and purchase options available as time goes by, but right now (to paraphrase Henry Ford) you can have any version of the photo you want, as long as it is the 400-pixel-high watermarked digital version, or a 4" ? 6" or 5" ? 7" print.

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