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This Angers and Depresses Me

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Below is a snippet of marketing twaddle from the web equivalent of a chain letter/Ponzi scam, promulgated by an SEO snake-oil salesman. The business model is an "affiliate program[me]" where one earns commissions for suckering people into buying crappy, cookie-cutter websites for $20/mo. with the usual guarantees of first-page placement on Google for the keywords of your choice (O.K., I choose "web", "design" and "SEO"—first-page inside a month or I want my money back!) Nonetheless, this little quote is indicative of the painful reality of being a "techie" these days:
One thing that MANY people want is a good, solid, classy website. Usually, they are expensive, and the web "masters" are manipulative, passive aggressive types that make you wait ages for an important adjustment that takes minutes to make, yet they charge you an arm and a leg and complain all the way to the bank to cash your check. Most of us are not techies (thankfully) and we want simple, DIY, yet classy, and we want support.

First, since the word appears twice, let's consider the word "classy." That's a red-flag word for me. In my experience that adjective is most frequently used by people with who almost always have the very worst in trailer-park sensibilities and used-car salesman demeanours. These are the "make the logo bigger", "white space is wasted space", "my nephew said he could do the website for free", "it will be great exposure/be good for your portfolio" sort being ridiculed in this video.

What follows is even more disturbing, though. I don't really need to elaborate on it anymore than what I said in this list, other than to say it depresses the hell out of me. Like so many people these days, I'm looking for work. But I don't really know if I can subjugate myself to more lying, self-absorbed salesweasels and suits who are utterly incapable valuing and respecting the experience and expertise of "a techie." Career-wise, I've painted myself into a corner and I'm having serious doubts about how I am going to get out of it.

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