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I Need Your Awesome Hair!

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I'm looking for some volunteers for a photo shoot in the afternoon (2 - 4 pm) of Saturday, April 25th. I need a total of 7 people. I currently have two, maybe three. Here's the criteria:

  1. Punk or otherwise awesome alternative hair - Mohawk, death-hawk, Chelsea, bald (ok for a girl, a bald guy will only work if you have an interesting head-piece, tattoos on your skull or some serious piercings/mods), fat-Bob, liberty spikes, bi-hawk, etc. The more dramatic the better.
  2. Punk, Industrial, Death-Rock outfit - PVC, vinyl, buckles, fishnet, ripped, plaid, but absolutely no band T-shirts or visible logos of any sort
  3. Body mods a bonus - Facial piercing, heavily pierced or stretched ears, visible tattoos, etc. are all definitely a bonus.
  4. I have to know you - This is important. We'll be shooting in the boardroom of an office belonging to people I know and who trust me. I need to know I can trust you.

This will be a TFCD (time for CD) shoot, meaning there's no pay, but you'll get a copy of all the pictures on CD to use however you'd like. There'll be coffee and some munchies at the shoot. I will need you to sign a model release.

If you fit the bill and want to help, leave me a comment, send me a message on Facebook, e-mail me.

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