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I'm Probably Going to Regret This

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I've started a new painting based on a photo uploaded to Gothic BC by my fellow photographer Mykl Diekiss.

All my paintings start out as a few feeble pencil lines like this to guide the composition. Most of the detail that will be most challenging isn't drawn in. There's no point to doing that since the necessary underpainting would obliterate the details that will only re-emerge as the more finished layers get added. This is probably my most ambitious painting to date, and at the moment I'm not at all certain how I am going to handle the mesh and fishnet on Rheanna (first figure from the left) or the pattern in Sara's (second figure from the right) dress. Trying to keep Sara's wickedly foreshortened hand from looking like a freakish claw is going to be a challenge, too.

I imagine there will be some cussing and at least one proclamation of my complete inability to paint in the course of this (if it was too easy I wouldn't learn anything, nor would I be proud of it at the end.)

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