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More Fun Weather

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So it is snowing again. Not a big deal. What's going to be interesting is what's supposed to follow immediately on the heels of this snow. There is supposed to be some fairly epic rain (6 cm) overnight with temperatures going up to 7 °C. With about 20-30 cm of snow on the ground, blocking all the drains, there should be some spectacular curb-side lakes and localized flooding. And right behind that we'll get the inevitable brown tap-water when all the run-off in the mountains hits the reservoirs. Naturally this will catch everyone off guard like it does every year. Hundreds of thousands of thick-witted dolts, who in dread fear that a little dirt will kill them stone cold dead the second it touches their lips can't wrap their heads around the concept of boiling water and using a filter, will run out in droves to buy tap-water that has been boiled and filtered and put in a bottle for them. The stores, of course, will not be ready for this and run out of bottled water like they do every year.

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