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Just when you think you are big-shot, karma jumps up and bites you in the ass.

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This morning as I was waiting to cross the street a commonplace scene played out with a better-than-usual ending. The second vehicle in line for the light was an SUV loaded up for an extended weekend at Whistler. The SUV was honking at the car ahead for not leaving enough room for the behemoth to inch past and make a right turn on the red. The extra 30-seconds of waiting was clearly cutting into the poor SUV driver's recreation time. The car in front kindly pulled up a few feet to let the asshole by, but —alas— too late, the walk signal changed and we foul pedestrians were then the obstacle impeding the great and glorious SUV. This must have made the driver even more impatient because just after I set foot on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street my ears were greeted with a honk and a crunch. The impatient and self-absorbed SUV driver, finally free of the pedestrians crossing in the opposite direction, had shot out to at last make his right turn... and failed to notice the light had changed and the bus that was travelling in the curb lane.

The bus was pulling into a stop so it wasn't travelling very fast and I'm sure no one was injured on the bus or in the SUV. Nonetheless, the SUV's driver-side rear quarter was significantly messed-up, as, I'm sure, was the extended weekend in Whistler that couldn't wait 30-seconds.

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