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Looks like someone didn't take the Environment Canada wind-warning for today quite as seriously as they should have. Something, I'm not sure what, blew off one of the upper floors of the Shangri-La Tower and hit the Terasen Building around the 18th or 19th floor. There is a damaged window on the Terasen Building (not broken, but the distinctive blue-grey window coating is ripped away and flapping in the wind). Judging by the size of the scar on the Terasen Building I'm guessing it was a sheet of plywood that went flying. The 1100 block of Georgia is closed to traffic and pedestrians at the moment, just in time for rush hour, so traffic is an utter mess and there is a lot of honking going on outside the apartment. Maybe it will be on the 6:00 news.

Update - 5:20 p.m. - Even more fun. Now the block 500-block of Bute between Pender and Melville is also blocked off, plus the 1200 block of Pender and the 1200 block of Melville, because the retaining cloth on the tower going up on the east side of the block has ripped away.

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