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This Week's Winning Bit of Stupidity

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I had a "lead developer" telling me that their application wouldn't work in a frame because if the address bar wasn't visible in the browser the application wouldn't work because it couldn't "see" the parameters in the URL. He meant "see" literally.

In a way I almost envy the guy. He lives in a magical world where servers have mysterious powers to visually read off URLs from the browsers address bar. That must be why MSIE shows the URL in pop-up windows even if the address bar is disabled (and you can have one guess what platform and technology this magician works with).

I asked him to explain how the GET request changes if the address bar isn't there. He said, "I don't want to argue with you."

The worst thing is the developer in question (or questionable developer, as the case may be) has lied to my client and I'm afraid he has convinced them that it was my fault and my only defence, sadly, it trying to give a technical explanation to someone is not in the least technically inclined.

I keep running into this scenario and I feel like I am defending evolution in Tennessee. It is depressing.

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