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Stereo Photos Coming Later Today

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I'm off to the photo-lab pick up the stereo photographs from the shoot with frozen_amaranth, acid_poptart, and valerian and hopefully will have time to do at least one animation before I'm off to Sin City to bring the photo-booth back with a vengeance.

I was at the photo-lab yesterday looking at the proofs and talking to the technician doing my prints (I'm loathe to call him a "technician" - the man is an artist) and was quite pleased with the way things were going. On the way back I stopped off to throw a bunch of money at my photography addiction and now have a new set of relatively portable studio strobes and some gels and other goodies that I will be trying out tonight. At long last, no more wondering how long the batteries in the slave flash will hold out and "Oh, crap! Sorry, the flash didn't go off," toward the end of the night.

And if I seem perky and energetic tonight, that's because we bought several bottles of Agwa on our way to Convergence and I'll be pre-drinking with a purpose ;-)

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