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Camera Number Nine!

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Harnessing the Awesome Power of Floppies!

Behold my "new" and wholly awesome camera. The cheese-factor on this is positively lunar. There is no memory card, images are stored on 3½" floppies.

I scored. I mean really - these things go for over $10 on eBay ;-p

The CCD is a whopping 850,000 pixels of glory.

Features include the blindingly awful flash common to early digital cameras and such amazingly useless "artistic" modes like "Negative" - because pressing CTRL-I in Photoshop is HARD.

So what possible use could I have for this lovely bit of 90's fromage? My first thoughts mostly revolved around dissecting it for various purposes, but it turns out that there is a niche where this camera excels. It can focus on things less than a centimetre from the lens. Behold a circuit-board landscape:

With the right lighting the ability of this thing to get up close is stunning.

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