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Shape of Things to Come

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One of the reasons I keep sinking time into Gothic BC is because I can use it as a sandbox. It's a good sized site with a lot of users (more traffic and users than most of the sites I am currently being paid to work on) where I am not hampered by corporate inertia. When inspiration strikes I can act on it.

In this case the inspiration was the stuff I was looking at yesterday and Flickr. So, for those that might be interested, here is a sneak preview of where I'll be taking the gallery.

The 20,000' view of the technology here is this: the current Lotus Domino photo gallery is linked to a MySQL database by DECS and MyODBC, from there on it is run-of-the mill LAMP stuff. When it is done, and if time permits, the gory details of the Domino=>DECS=>MySQL=>PHP integration in my highly neglected and fantastically boring programming blog.

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