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2006 First Sentence Meme and Madness at the Photo-booth

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Ganked from mermaid23. The idea here is list the first sentence of the first post for each month of 2006.
  • January: January: Started the year out getting stupid-drunk at Sin City and making an ass of myself*

    *note: The "January: January:" is not a typo. My first post of 2006 was a review of 2005.
  • February: I meant to post these ages ago.
  • March: Well, that's one return done.
  • April: Turns out the only other city bidding for C13 other than Portland is Seattle.
  • May: Tomorrow should be interesting. 
  • June: It occurred to me today that in the six months I have been here, in addition to the valuable services I provide, I have quantifiably saved my employer more money than the gross total of my salary in the same period.
  • July: The new catalogue application I wrote for valerian's store is live today. 
  • August: Seriously, enough with the fugly fibreglass fauna already. 
  • September: I've just had four tickets to Great Big Sea tonight at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park at 6:00 p.m. tonight magically conferred upon me.
  • October: It's time once again for my new-shoe posting ritual.
  • November: View Across a Terraformed Huygens Crater (Mars)
  • December: My ADSL has been up and down like a yo-yo since about 5:00 this evening (I'm posting via my Blackberry).

In other news, last night was utter madness at the photo-booth again. I expected to be busy, but not busy in a way that made Hallowe'en pale by comparison. I was still being asked for photographs after the ugly-lights had come on! My poor little printer was noticeably hot when I was packing up. Along with cheekydevil, I keep thinking it can't get any crazier, and then it does.

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